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Is voyeurism a BJP State Policy to promote Swachh Bharat

Is voyeurism a BJP State Policy to promote Swachh Bharat?

Something unconstitutional and inhuman has been happening in the State of Rajasthan which is being ruled by a woman. The women and men who have not toilets are being filmed when they go out to ease themselves by teachers and other officials of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. In the process they lynched a leader for protesting against shaming of women.
CIC: Transparency can save Taj Mahal

CIC: Transparency can save Taj Mahal

The Central Information Commission has found fault with the Archeology Survey of India (ASI) for not sharing information with the appallant on the question of constructions around Taj Mahal in Agra. It has fined the ASI for non-disclosure of information and asked it to coordinate with Agra Development Authority (ADA) and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) to place the comprehensive information in public domain.

India’s Brexit Moment

India’s decision to keep away from One Belt One Road (OBOR) conference in Beijing is not in the long term interests of the country. The revival of silk route may help boost Chinese economy but it also helps India as an infrastructure facility to improve its exports. India should be part of the negotiations right from the beginning and try for favourable terms, says the author.

Crafting A Strategic Policy In The Era Of Chinese Dominance

In the present period of hiatus when the government is busy dealing with the domestic issues and foreign affairs are left to the vivid imagination of media houses, what are India’s strategic options in the early 21st century? What is expected of the government? What role should the opposition play? Discusses Vithal Rajan in his lucid anlaysis.

Machinations of Dinakaran

Discomfiture for the ruling AIADMK party is the arrest of Dinakaran by the Delhi police for his alleged attempt to bribe some Election Commission officials to secure the two-leaf symbol before the countermanding of the RK Nagar by-poll.

SS Rajamouli: Baahubali of Indian cinema

SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2: The conclusion is releasing on Friday all over the world. The magnum opus, touted as the biggest and most spectacular film ever made in India in five languages, is slated to break all the previous records. Cine buffs’ expectations are palpable and they can be gauged from the advance sale of tickets. Is Rajamouli going to be the Baahubali of Indian cinema?