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Parliament should enact a law to ban triple talaq

The Chief Justice of India, Mr Justice Khehar and Mr Justice Abdul Nazeer wanted a comprehensive legislation to do away with this practice. Though, the two judges felt that this practice was part of Muslim Personal Law and thus protected under Article 25 as a fundamental right, they preferred to stay it for six months. The legal question is whether a a�?fundamental righta�� could be stayed by judiciary?
A Multitude Of Sins Behind Chaparayi Deaths

A Multitude Of Sins Behind Chaparayi Deaths

There is an acute shortfall of paramedical staff in the Chaparayi region of East Godavari district. Reports post the Chaparayi deaths say that the government is recruiting staff on war-footing. Such recruitments have to be on regular basis if this recurrent problem is to be contained.

Posting On Social Media? Get Ready For Jail Term!

The pitfalls in social media writings, postings and sharings are far too many. A number of persons were arrested all over the world for postings that hurt, lampoon or criticize the people in power. The dismissal of former chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh IYR Krishna Rao from the chairmanship of Brahmin Corportation is part of this trend.
Dalit President Alone Can’t Empower Dalits, Adivasis

Dalit President Alone Cana��t Empower Dalits, Adivasis

Selecting Ram Nath Kovind as a Presidential candidate and even electing him to the highest constitutional office will not help the Dalits, Adivasis, women and OBCs unless the NDA Government implements laws and schemes meant to protect them from oppression, discrimination and atrocities, argues the senior journalist and commentator.
Is voyeurism a BJP State Policy to promote Swachh Bharat

Is voyeurism a BJP State Policy to promote Swachh Bharat?

Something unconstitutional and inhuman has been happening in the State of Rajasthan which is being ruled by a woman. The women and men who have not toilets are being filmed when they go out to ease themselves by teachers and other officials of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. In the process they lynched a leader for protesting against shaming of women.