Cartosat images used for strikes

Chennai: Indian Army has utilized Cartosat series satellite images to pinpoint terrorist launch pads for surgical strikes. The officials said the Cartosat series of satellites (Cartosat-2, 2A, 2B and 2C) were being used for strategic purposes and more so the Cartosat 2C whose images have better resolution.

As various news reports suggest that while the earth observation satellites are managed by ISRO, the use of satellite’s payload/equipments dedicated for strategic use is decided by the defence forces. Further sources say that Cartosat 2D and 3 will also be used by the armed forces.

While ISRO sources were tight-lipped about the use of these satellites, it did agree that images are sourced to various agencies including defence forces.

Indian Navy has got its own communication satellite called GSAT-7/Rukmini. Communication satellites are important because it provides hearing power for defence forces. Indian Air Force is likely to get its first communication satellite in near future.

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