Can TDP In Telangana Be Rejuvenated?

Mahanadu of Telangana TDP held in Hyderabad on Wednesday was a lacklustre show indicating that the party at present is only a shadow of what it was three years ago.

Hyderabad: Once upon a time when Telugu Desam Party held Mahanadu, it was like a festival. A lot of hangama was seen across the State with posters and banners of various leaders hailing their leader and inviting the cadre.

But the Telangana Mahanadu was a lacklustre show. It only pointed how weak Telugu Desam Party has become in Telangana. No mass leader was seen on the dais except Revanth Reddy.

It is a known fact that TDP was weakened by Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) supremo K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR)a��s a�?aakarshaa��scheme. Almost all the leaders who had a mass base in Telangana crossed the floor and became ministers in TRS government.

The flop show of Mahanadu also pointed out how the party was neglected by the party supremo Chandrababu Naidu in Telangana. As the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Naidu was busy with foreign tours and governance of the State and did not have time to concentrate in Telangana.

Especially after the note for vote scam involving Naidu and Revanth, the partya��s image touched its low. With ACB court directing ACB of Telangana State to probe into the role of the accused in the case, the party image virtually got decimated. However, after the courts have set aside the orders passed, leaders were able to breathe freely.

In this context, the leaders did not concentrate on mouldingA� new leaders in Telangana State and retaining the cadre, which is demoralised. While most of the cadre crossed the floor along with their leaders, the party did not try to rejuvenate the existing cadre and get new people into the party.

Though Naidu declared that he would come to Hyderabad and concentrate on Telangana, it will be highly difficult for him to do so, given the internal conflicts that are raging on in the party in Andhra Pradesh. The party is not doing so well in AP too. The glaring example of indiscipline is evident recently when two factions in Prakasam district resorted to fisticuffs during district party president elections. Recently there were more such incidents which saw the light, shocking the public.

Meanwhile, KCR on Wednesday evening occupied the media space at a peak time, i.e. when Naidu arrived at Mahanadu and started his speech. The media too chose the CM as it did not want to be in his bad books and ignored Naidu for more than an hour. Not even scroll of Mahanadu events was seen on Television Channels.

Analysts say that this is a Machiavellian act of KCR; he not only blocked Naidu but also attacked BJP president Amit Shah. Like two birds with one shot. Obviously, before the kind of emotional speech and criticism made by KCR, Naidua��s speech looked pale and shallow.

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