Can Jhansi Complain Against Ramoji, Chiru, Balakrishna For Vulgarity?

Anchor Jhansi and others have rightly filed a police complaint against senior Tollywood actor Chalapathi Rao for his vulgar talk. Can she do the same in respect of Ramoji Rao, Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna?

Hyderabad: The vulgar talk about women indulged in by Tollywood male personalities is only a reflection of misogyny that very much exists on and off camera.

Senior actor Chalapathi Rao’s cheap comments at a recent audio release function was condemned by women groups and important persons in Telugu cinema world. Since Chalapathi Rao is a small fry, everyone pounced on him. But what about Nandamuri Balakrishna who said,”If I play eve-teasing roles and just run around girls, will my fans accept? Either I kiss her or make her pregnant. That is all. We have to commit ourselves.” It is difficult to understand what Balakrishna meant by ‘to commit ourself.’A� He is not known to be burdened by brains. He is known for his ambiguous statement and loose comments. Comedian Ali, director Nageswara Reddy, Diamond Ratnam and Allu Arjun have not enhanced their status with their views on women. In ‘Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu’ episode aired by Maa TV, celebrated anchor Chiranjeevi told guest Akhil that, “If you want to know about fruits, you have to do one film with director K Raghavendra Rao. He used to put all the fruits around the heroine’s navel.” When the megastar said vulgar things while talking to a 22-year old hero, nobody protested. There might be some method in this madness. This kind of controversial things are said in audio release functions. Is it being done with an eye on publicity? Knowing the ways that Tollywood producers adopt to influence the viewers, the possibility could not be discounted.

At the music launch of ‘ Size Zero’, comedian Ali said,”When one sees hot Jalebis, anybody would be tempted to eat them. That is what Anushka looks like. Such wonderful thighs…” Nobody was enraged at the nasty comment made by the comedian.

Recall what happened at the audio release function when Chalapathi Rao said,”Women are useful to sleep with…,” the camera was immediately zoomed on Rakul and Naga Chaitanya. Most of the guests covered their faces and anchor Ravi was stupid enough to say,” Super sir, super.”

Jhansi, an accomplished and sensible anchor said,” If I were the anchor I would have reacted angrily.” Jhansi is one of those persons who filed a police complaint against Chalapathi Rao. Would she file similar police complaint against Balakrishna? Would she reprehend Chiranjeevi for his prattle in Maa TV show? Certainly not. Everyone connected to film industry has his or her limitations. Many actresses smile away helplessly and keep quiet when some one makes vulgar comments on the sets. Only a few would react angrily and ask uncultured beasts to shut up.

What about the TV shows which are indulging in a perpetual display of debased values? ‘Jabardast’ is a show aired by ETV owned by venerable newspaper baron who was awarded Padma Bhushan, Ramoji Rao. The judge in the idiotic show is the firebrand YSRCP MLA and former heroine Roja. Ramoji wants GRPs and Roja likes publicity. They are not bothered about the young generations that are being adversely affected by double meaning dialogues and insane body language. So is the case with another nonsensical TV entertainer ‘Pataas.’

Actress Archana has put it right, as quoted by the Deccan Chronicle, when she said,” In our country, we worship women as Durga and also in different avatars. In the same land, these comments are made. It gives a negative image to the film industry.”

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