Campaign For Permanent Peace With Pakistan

COVA, a Hyderabad based organisation, is orchestrating a campaign in India and Pakistan for a lasting peace between the two countries. It starts on July 1 and goes in till August 15.
Campaign For Permanent Peace With Pakistan

Hyderabad: Peace Now and Forever Campaign

Between Pakistan and India would be organised from 1st July to 15th August 2017.

The campaign will be launched on 1st July at

YMCA, Narayanguda, Hyderabad at 3.00 pm.

Mazher Hussain, Executive Director of COVA has issued the following statement:

“The Peace Now & Forever Campaign is conceived with the objective of addressing the deteriorating relations between Pakistan and India by the day and to provide platforms to enable common people and civil society to demand peace and condemn attempts at war mongering without feeling apologetic or guilty about their stand.

“We are happy to share that Networks and Organisations in 22 of the 29 States of India and the four Provinces of Pakistan are coming forward to Partner with the Peace Now Campaign. Simultaneous Launches are being planned on 1st July from 3 pm India Time and 2.30 pm Pakistan Time. We expect the Peace Now Campaign to be undertaken in around 250 cities, towns and villages in Pakistan, India and other countries and the Campaign will conclude with a Joint Celebration on 14-15 August 2017.

“Apart from a Joint Signature Campaign, many other simultaneous programs in different cities and towns are being planned during the Campaign period and especially on seven weekends that will be available during the course of the Campaign like Lectures on Peace including need for cordial Pakistan India Relations in Schools, colleges and universities, Young Art for Future of Humanity: through Platform for Children and Youth – Film and Documentary Festivals, Culture Camps, Interfaith Prayer Meets, Peace Caravans, Rallies and Marathons, Outreach to Political Parties and Elected Representatives etc.

“In Hyderabad, India, the Campaign will be launched at the Narayanguda YMCA on 1st July 2017 at 3 pm and Magsaysay Award Winners Admiral Ramdas, former Chief of Indian Navy and Dr. Jaiprakash Narayan along with other eminent personalities have kindly consented to lead the Launch. We invite you to be a Partner for the Launch and the Peace Now Campaign and request you to also mobilise as many participants for the launch from the communities you are working with as possible.

The Peace Now Campaign in Hyderabad is being organized by APSA, AIYF, CHATRI, COVA, JAI BHARAT, MARI, MAHITA, MSI, MVF, UFERWAS &Interfaith Forum.

We also invite you to a Planning Meeting immediately after the Launch from 4 pm to 5 pm to finalise the programs and activities to be undertaken as part of the Campaign from 1st July 2017 to 15th August 2017.”

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