Campaign Begins To Project Lokesh As Future CM

Lokesh is being projected as future Chief Minister. If Chandrabau Naidu wants to prepare his son for greater challenges, he has to train him rigorously in every aspect of public life.

Amaravati: The campaign to promote Nara Lokesh as the future CM of Andhra Pradesh starts with deputy chief minister Nimmakayala Chinarajappa taking the lead. Chinarajappa had offered a great reception to Lokesh in West Godavari district on Tuesday where he had introduced the young Minister as the future Chief Minister of the State. In fact, when Lokesh was introduced as future Chief Minister, the gathering greeted him with whistles and claps coupled with slogans.

Lokesh, the worthy son of Chief Minister Naidu, has been getting due publicity in the State politics since the party’s victory in 2014. He claims that the party’s victory was possible with the membership drive and consolidation of the cadre done under his supervision.

As national general secretary of the party Lokesh made his entry into the Cabinet from the House of Elders, Legislative Council. Now, being part of the Cabinet, he leads the Andhra Pradesh administration, though Naidu as Chief Minister is the practical head. Lokesh’s word carries weight and it is said that he enjoys a say over the decisions of Naidu. In fact, it was because of his intervention that Naidu took four days time to clear the IAS transfers in the State.

Even as the dissidence in the party continues with leaders openly criticizing Naidu, the young leader Lokesh is slowly establishing himself as the future leader of the ruling TDP and the right successor to Naidu.

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