Call Threatens To Blow Up UP Assembly Building On August 15

Yogi Adityanath has demanded an NIA investigation into discovery of high powered PETN in UP Assembly that, incidentally, was found under the chair of an Opposition leader.

Lucknow / Deoria (UP): Less than a few hours after a major security breach was confirmed in Uttar Pradesh Assembly, police have received a call from an anonymous personA�on Friday,A�threatening that the UP Assembly Building will be blown up on August 15A�a�� Independence Day.

Security personnel, with the help of a dog squad, had on Wednesday found 150 gm of white powder wrapped in a plastic bag in the premises of the Assembly, which was in session. The packet was sent to a forensic lab, which confirmed the powder as PETN, a powerful explosive.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, confirming the discovery, later said: a�?The packet of explosive was found under the chair of the Opposition’s leader, Manoj Pandey. It was 150 gm of PETN. 500 gm of PETN is enough to blow the whole Assembly off. This shows the severity of the situation. I suggest that everybody present in the Assembly should be investigated by the police and that the NIA should investigate into the matter.”

The phone call threatening to blow up the Assembly was received after the Chief Minister demanded an NIA investigation. Police have caught the person, who had made the call, in Deoria. They have seized his mobile phone using which he had made the call. A�Other than stating that he was a student, they did not reveal who he was and why he had made such a call.

Investigation is on.

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