Cab operators protest against seizure of vehicles

HYDERABAD: A delegation of Telangana State Cabs and Bus Operators Association (TSCBOA) called on senior officials of Hyderabad and Cyberabad A�Police CommissioneratesA�on Monday against the police for confiscation of their vehicles on the pretext of drunken driving.

They called on Police Commissioners M A�Mahender Reddy (Hyderabad) and C V Anand (Cyberabad) against the impounding of vehicles in drunken driving cases.

Association president Syed Nizamuddin said the seizure of vehicles under Section 185-A of the Motor Vehicle Act in the drunken driving cases were adversely affecting the travel industry. “The cab operators support the police drive against drunken driving. We are also in favor of arrest of the erring drivers. However, we are strongly opposed to impounding of our vehiclesa�?, he said.

“There is a big difference between a vehicle owned by an individual and a vehicle owned by a private operator. We make huge investments by availing bank loans, pay all taxes and enter into legal agreements with different companies to ply our vehicles. Each hour and each kilometre means a lot for all of us. The 50,000-odd cabs and buses in the city are providing direct/indirect employment to about five lakh peoplea�?

a�?We have clear rules that no driver should drive a vehicle in drunken condition. In some cases, wherein the drivers are driving the vehicle in inebriated condition, we are being punished for a crime which we have not committed,” the TSCBOA stated in its memorandum.

Mr. Nizamuddin said the operators lose huge revenues and suffer heavy losses if their vehicle remains impounded for a longer period. For taxation, the RTA does not exempt the period during which the vehicle remained off-road nor do banks defer payment of EMI for the vehicles seized by the police.

The Association members urged the Commissioners to direct the officials concerned not to impound vehicles of private operators in drunken driving cases. However, they said stern action should be taken against the drivers who indulged in drunken driving. (NSS)

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