Cab operators oppose amendments to MV Act

Hyderabad:A�The Telangana State Cabs and Bus Operators Association (TSCBOA) has strongly opposed the proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act wherein the Centre proposes to take away the powers of state government to regulate the cab operators.


a�?Transportation is a subject in the concurrent list.A�A�While the Centre and the state both have powers, the state has the ultimate power to regulate keeping state -specific matters in mind. The Motor Vehicle Act is under this concurrent list. However, the new Motor Vehicles Bill, 2016 that has been sent to the Parliament is taking away these powers despite it being in the concurrent list,a�? said TSCBOA President Syed Nizamuddin in Associationa��s representation submitted to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Transport Minister Mahender Reddy, Principal Secretary Sunil Sharma and Transport Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Sultania.


He said that the Centre wants to keep the powers to regulate a�?aggregatorsa�? like Ola and Uber. a�?Why the Centre is making it compulsory for the state to follow its guidelines and why was it taking away the statea��s power? How will the Central Government be able to understand the local situation,a�? he said. Further, he said that the guidelines were being made binding on the state without giving valid reasons and in a highly secretive manner. He said that the state governmenta��s powers to control the local taxi business would go after the proposed amendment.


Syed Nizamuddin said that the taxi businesses were typically local businesses. If there was anything to be done with an authority, it is usually done with a local person face to face. If that power shifts to the Centre, how will the operators work with someone who does not understand the state specific aspects of the business and sits far away? he asked.


The TSCBOA president alleged that Uber and Ola might be trying to influence the Central Government to make these changes.A�A�Syed Nizamuddin appealed to the KCR Government to take up the issue with the Ministry of Highways and Road Transportation, Prime Minister, President, Members of Parliament, Parliamentary Select Committee, and make sure that no change in the constitutional structure are made as transport is very much within the state authority.




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