Budget Is Just A Jugglery Of Figures, Alleges Uttam

Hyderabad: Stating that the state government has shown the demands by enhancing the figures, the TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy has alleged that the Budget was a jugglery of figures.

Participating in the debate on Appropriation Bill introduced by the Finance Minister Etela Rajender on Monday, Uttam said that the state’s debts were Rs 69,000 crore and expressed concern over the increasing debts.

He alleged that the debts were more in the last four years than the state did in the last 60 years and warned the state government that it was not good for the state. The state government also shown GSDP growth rate by enhancing it, he claimed and expressed doubts on the 10 per cent growth rate.

The state government was in a plan to increase the debt limit by showing enhancing growth rate. The state government was showing Rs 20,000 crore additional revenue and the interest burden was increasing with the phased wise loan waiver.

The government was saying that it will bear the increasing interest burden but the government was not releasing the same to the banks, he said.

The crop produce fell down drastically in the last three years, he said and revealed that the Swaminathan Commission recommended that the minimum support price to be increased. But the state government did not distribute the input subsidy sanctioned by the Centre to the farmers, he alleged.

He questioned the state government to tell as to why the state government failed to give bonus along with minimum support price given by the Centre. He informed the House that the Karnataka government was giving bonus to all crops but the farmers’ condition in Telangana was very bad and the chilli farmers were experiencing losses due to the downfall of price. He demanded that the state government give Rs 1000 as bonus to the paddy farmers. 


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