Budget is unrealistic, Bhatti flays TRS govt.

  • No scheme implemented in 9 months
  • It is like running on a treadmill

HYDERABAD: Describing the budget as a�?unrealistic and imaginativea�? Congress Deputy Floor leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said there was no mention of the schemes the government promised in its manifesto before elections.

Participating in a discussion on budget in the Telangana Legislative Assembly hereA�on Monday, Bhatti alleged that no scheme was implemented during the 2014-15 budget period. He said the Government stated in the last budget about double bed room houses and three acre land scheme to the SCs, irrigation water to one lakh acre in every constituency, KG to PG and a job to every house. a�?In practice nothing has happeneda�?, he pooh poohed.

Stating that the budget is in the same manner even in 2015-16 financial year, Bhatti said that the Government attitude is like a person running on Tread Mill. Keeping the people in dreams, the Government prepared the budget like a�?Medipandua�� he alleged and said that the Government introduced the budget as it is a Constitutional obligation. The budget looks as different one to its word.

He alleged that the Government failed to introduce the budget with responsibility in 2014-15 and it is proved if one examines the estimated budget and revised budget. a�?The budget is unrealistic one and the Finance Minister read the budget copy written by some onea�?, he alleged.

Intervening, Finance Minister Etela Rajender objected Bhatti for stating that the latter read the budget copy written by some one. He alleged that the Congress had adopted Tread Mill attitude during its rule and hence the situation is like this. Continuing his speech, Bhatti said the TRS Government was deceiving the Telangana people, who sacrificed their lives for separate Telangana State and Sonia Gandhi gave separate Telangana State.

Pointing out to Etela stating that it was not good for the State to sell the Government lands during the separate Telangana Movement, Bhatti questioned the TRS Government as to why it was trying to do the same mistake committed by earlier governments. Finding fault with the meager allocations to the power sector, Bhatti asked the Government as to how it is possible to the Government to provide 24 hours power supply within two years. He alleged that the budget is far away from the reality and it is the collection of numbers and transactions.

Demanding that the Government reveal as to when Chattisgarh power will come to the State, the fate of the farmers was very bad in the State. He asked the Government when Solar power will be produced in the State. (NSS)

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