Budget full of fallacies & illusory: Jana Reddy

Hyderabad: Alleging that there were more fallacies than facts in the TRS government introduced Budget for 2017-18, Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader K Jana Reddy said that the budget was confusing, full of illusion to make the people to travel in litter of hopes.

Participating in the debate on Budget in the Assembly here on Thursday, Jana Reddy opined that the programmes of the government should be in tune with the aspirations of the people. The governance should in a manner that it should uphold the aims and beliefs of the people, he suggested.

The ruling party has to consider the suggestions given by the Opposition parties and initiate steps to implement them, he said and made it clear that the suggestions to the ruling party was only to run the government in a proper way.

It was not correct on the part of the ruling party that the Opposition parties have to listen whatever ruling party says in the House, he said and asked the ruling party to extend its cooperation to the opposition parties to see that the meaningful debate should take place in the House.

More debts than assets

Jana Reddy said that there were more assets than debts in the state from 1956 to 1994 but the debts doubled from 1994 to 2000. He said that the per capita in the state was more than national average till 2014.

But the growth was increasing in terms of industries but agriculture sector was downing. The food products in 2013-14 were 107 lakh tonnes but it was reduced to 72 lakh tonnes in 2014-15 and it was further reduced to 51 lakh tonnes in 2015-16. He expressed concern saying that the conditions in the state seem that the agriculture sector was falling in crisis.

He said that there was nothing wrong in bringing debts for the sake of development of the state but the development would be stagnated in case the debts were more than assets. He stated that the Congress waged a big war for the creation of Telangana State. He said that it was not proper to the state government to suppress the voice of the opposition parties.

“The people would think that the Opposition were in dock with the ruling party in case we would not question the government. But the government is saying that the opposition has to prove their allegations if they made any. How it is?”, he questioned sarcastically.

Finding fault with the removal of Dharna Chowk at Indira Park, he asked the state government that ‘No Dharnas’ means ‘Lifting Dharna Chowk’ from Indira Park? He warned the state government that the people and Opposition were observing every move of the state government and the people would teach a lesson as they taught to the Congress in 2014 elections. (NSS)

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