British Author Eats His Own Book For Wrong Prediction Of Election Outcome

A British author and professor literally ate his book for going wrong in his prediction of the outcome of the general elections held on June 8.
British Author Eats His Own Book For Wrong Prediction Of Election Outcome
Image Credit: Sky News

London: Eating one’s own words is a phrase commonly used. We generally indulge in going back on what we say by finding some excuse. But literally eating one’s own book for going wrong in electoral prediction is something extraordinary.

Matthew Goodwin, 35, a professor of politics at the University of Kent has done just that. He had predicted that the Opposition Labour Party would not poll more than 38 per cent of votes. When his estimate went wrong he ate his book in a TV live show. He tweeted last month that he did not think Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party would poll 38 per cent in the general election on June 8. ‘I am saying this out loud. I do not think the Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, will poll 38 per cent. I will happily eat my new Brexit book if they win,’ he said in the same tweet. However, the Labour Party won 40.3 per cent of polled voted in an unexpected aggressive performance. The sympathisers of the Labour Party, mostly the youth, have trolled the professor badly.

The author of ‘ Why Britain voted to leave the European Union’ was asked by the presenter in the Sky News if he is a man of his word. “Well, indeed I am. I was surprised that Jeremy had got two percentage points more than I expected, and I did say that I would eat this book,” Metro news informed.

” Two percentage points make a big difference. I am a man of my word. So what I am going to do is to sit here and eat my book, while you guys carry on,” he said and started eating the pages of his book.

“It is actually a hardback. There are a lots of chemicals. But I have got to get through the whole thing,” Goodwin said while munching the pages and looking extremely sad giving a thumbs up to the camera. The Sky News clarified that the author kept munching the pages and did not really swallow.

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