Braveheart Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Amidst Lions

Manguben Makwana, a braveheart of Gujarat, gave birth to a healthy baby in the Gir forests of this Indian State, even as a dozen lions were surrounding her!

Ahmedabad: Bearing labour for a woman is one tough issue. But having 12 lions around her during the delivery is altogether different.

The event occurred in the Gir forests around Thursday midnight, when 32-year-old Manguben Makwana was being shifted in a 108 ambulance to the nearest government hospital. Before the vehicle could reach its destination, she went into labour. When the on-duty Emergency Management Technician (EMT), Ashok, realised that the head of the baby had started protruding out and Makwana might give birth any time, he asked the driver, Jadav, to stop the ambulance to deal with the emergency.

As the vehicle stopped, 12 lions, sensing human presence, emerged from the nearby bushes and surrounded the ambulance. The lions refused to move away despite efforts by the driver to move to a safer spot. Meanwhile, as the labour increased, the paramedic staff of the a�?108a�� ambulance decided to deliver the baby right there despite odds.

A calm Ashok called up the area hospital on his mobile and helped the woman deliver as per directions given by the physician over the phone. Jadav monitored the movement of the a�?curiousa�? lions even as the baby was taking birth, according to Ashok.

Curiously, after the delivery, when the driver started the ambulance and started moving slowly, the lions gave way to the vehicle. The mother and child were admitted to the hospital and both are said to be hale and hearty.

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