Brahmani To Replace Kesineni In 2019..?

Rumours are doing rounds that Chief Minister Naidu wants his daughter in law to contest from Vijayawada as an MP.

Hyderabad: Telugu Desam Party MP Kesineni Srinivas has announced the shutting of Kesineni Travels recently.A� A tiff with A�Transport Commissioner N. Balasubramaniam and consequently Chief Minister Naidu forcing him to apologise to the bureaucrat allegedly hurt Srinivas. He had taken this extreme step as he got hurt said his close aides.

However, a bigger strategy seems to be behind this episode. Rumours are doing rounds in Andhra Pradesh that Chief Minister Naidu, who is keen to bring his daughter in law into politics, strategically fixed Srinivas. Rumours say that Naidu wants Brahmani to contest from Vijayawada as an MP and Srinivas is considered a hurdle.

By supporting the bureaucrat and making the MP apologise, the CM hit two targets with a single arrow.A� In the eyes of the public, Naidu is projected as an unbiased person and at the same time, he was controlling Kesineni, attacked by the opposition as another Vijay Mallya. Chandrababu wants the seat without any controversy by 2019 general elections.

It appears that Naidu is emulating Telangana Chief Minister KCR, who gave his son KTR a crucial portfolio and projecting him as the future CM. Following his former colleague’s footsteps, Naidu assigned almost the same portfolios that KTR is holding to his son Nara Lokesh in Andhra Pradesh. Though KCR did not think of making his daughter in law an MP for reasons not known, he surely made his daughter Kavita an MP. Even his nephew Harish Rao is a minister.

There are also rumours that it was Brahmani who forced Babu to allocate an important portfolio to her husband Lokesh. She is appearing in the public on and off and even addressing media. Her attractive personality and ability to convey her point clearly got marks from public and media too.

Many inside the party and outside feel that Brahmani appears more matured than Lokesh. An impression that Brahmani is more dynamic than Lokesh is slowly increasing. Probably, to avoid any competition and stop the party from demanding her to be at the helm of affairs, Naidu wants to send her to the Parliament as an MP.


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