Brahmanandam Denies Jandhyala’s Wife Calling And Reprimanding

It appears film actor Brahmanandam has flatly denied that Rani, wife of ace director Jandhyala, called him and Chiranjeevi to reprimand them for what they had commented about her husband in a TV episode.


Hyderabad: Film actor Brahmanandam has denied the news that he and another actor Chiranjeevi were reprimanded by Rani, wife of former film director late Jandhyala for their remarks on Jandhyala in a TV episode two weeks ago. The humour artist told persons close to him that the news that Rani has telephoned to him and Chiranjeevi is a media creation.

Brahmanandam said in Maa TV programme, ‘Meeloo Evaru Koteswarudu (MEK)’, they spoke about the ace director who introduced him to films. He said he and Chiranjeevi have great respect for creative director Jandhyala and Rani is our ‘Guru Patni’. There is no question of Jandhyala’s wife talking harshly to him, he said. The news about Rani thinking of going to court for defamation is also a figment of imagination on the part of the media, he comment. There are any number of false stories on film celebrities in media in order to increase circulation or viewership.

The famous comedian has cited the example of another comedian Venu Madhav being ‘killed’ by the media when he is very much alive. There were some reports in a section of the media about Venu Madhav’s health condition.

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