Botcha repents in leisure

  • repents for not quitting Kiran cabinet

  • Feels Kiran had betrayed the party

  • Says he should have led the ministers to oppose Kiran

  • His silence cost him and the party dearly

  • Waiting for opportunity to expose Kiran’s double game


Hyderabad, October 13: Former president of the PCC in the undivided Andhra Pradesh, Botcha Satyanarayana, is leisurely repenting his actions when he was in office. He is on the path of remorse and has been ruing his actions during his tenure as PCC chief. He thinks that he committed a blunder and a disservice to himself and to his party in not vehemently opposing the then chief minister, Kiran Kumar Reddy. He has been talking about the circumstances before bifurcation of the state whenever he meets his friends and followers.

botcha 5Botcha says he should have quit the Cabinet when Kiran Kumar Reddy was attacking the party high command. His selfish stand to continue in the cabinet and support the chief minister’s actions had caused him dearly, he told his confidants. He is angry with Kiran Kumar Reddy who, Botcha alleges, had ditched the party for his selfish interests talking in two different tones in the presence of the high command and behind it. “We kept quiet when the chief minister was playing the double game. We could not explain to the people the real nature of the chief minister. Had I resigned from the cabinet at that time, things would have been different”, Botcha is reported to have told his close associates.

“Had I boldly stepped out of the ministry, many other ministers would have followed the suit and Kiran’s government would have fallen like nine pins. If felling the government was not possible, we would have at least exposed the real colours of Kiran Reddy”, he reportedly said in anguish. He says what Kiran told the party high command is not known to the people even today and he would reveal it at an opportune time. When all the ministers from Seemandhra were arguing in favour of united AP, had he resigned Kiran Kumar Reddy would have branded him as a separatist and that was the fear that prevented him from putting in his papers, Botcha bemoaned. Due to his silence, the party had lost miserably and he had paid a heavy price, Botcha is understood to have commented. He has been extremely critical of Kiran Reddy these days for scheming to continue as CM till the end of the term in the name of fighting for the unity and welfare of the Telugu speaking people. Some of his close friends advised Botcha not to brood over spilled milk and patiently wait for a change for the better in his political fortunes.

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