Blind girl from Ranchi sings sun raha hun main- video goes viral

Lata Jain

On a normal after-school evening in a blind school in Ranchi , one school girls A�bedroom is ringing out to the sounds of a the song ,sun raha hun maina��..

lata jain

Lata Jain

Listening outside, you might think this was a very eclectic voice of a professional singer. In fact, the performances are all coming from 16-year-oldA�Tumpa Kumari, a blind student with perfect pitch and an astonishing musical ability.

Her power of singing is astonishing and her unmatchable mellifluous voice has got in a great response. Barely two days after her video was uploaded on social networking sites, Facebook and Youtube casually by a group of management graduate trainees, records have started tumbling.

The numbers on the social networking sites liking her voice seem to increase with every passing second. Tumpa had fetched 2, 250, 348 views, 100, 161 likes and 118, 647 shares on Facebook. (Figures on 6th July at 4 pm) The figures were increasing with each passing minute. Besides, she has also garnered 2157 shares on YouTube.

People across the globe are mesmerized by her voice and have come forward to hone her skills. Music directors from Bollywood are willing to adopt her and groom her to play back singing.

A person from Haryana has pledged to help her get her vision through cornea transplantation though it is a very expensive affair.

An orphan, Thumpa has an elder sisterA�married and living in Odisha. Studying in, Brajkishore Residential Blind School in Ranchi life was confined to the school campus in the company of 13 other blind girls.

The school Principal Mrs. Neelu Verma, is very happy with the response to the Thumpas voice.a�? This is a very small school and there is not much funding but we rehabilitate our students by teaching singing or impart computer education.a�?

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  1. Srinath Reddu says:

    What a talent! I am happy that sreya ghoshal watched this vedio and wanted to meet this poor girl.

  2. bainda k b says:

    oh my god, what a talent. really i cried after hearing her song. God bless you thumpa.

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