Blasts Rip Through Funeral Ceremony Killing 18 In Kabul

There was violence in Kabul once again on Sunday when three blasts ripped through a funeral procession killing 18 persons on the spot.
(File Photo)

Kabul: Three blasts ripped through a funeral ceremony killing at least 18 persons and injuring scores in Kabul on Saturday.The incident occurred a day after police opened fire on the mobs killing five, one among them was an Afghan politiciana��s son. The blasts took place when the funeral of the deceased was underway at a graveyard in Khair Khana area in Kabul on Saturday.The cause of the explosion is not yet known, according to news reports.

The site was strewn with corpses and dismembered organs sending chills down the spine, witnesses say. Senior Afghan officials who were present at the funeral were reported to have escaped unhurt.

Kabul on Friday saw hundreds of protesters going on a demonstration demanding step down of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. The protestors at one point clashed with police who subsequently lobbed tear gas shells, used water cannons and opened fire to bring the situation under control.

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