Blast in Old Delhi kills one, injures five

New Delhi: An explosion in old Delhi on Tuesday left one person dead and five injured. The blast occurred in Naya Bazar in the morning, close to a mosque in Chandni Chowk.

According to preliminary police reports, the deceased, from West Bengal, was carrying a bag containing some explosive substances. He was reportedly smoking when the bag exploded, leading to the suspicion that it might have been an accident. But CCTV footage showed him as carrying a bag through Naya Bazar and putting it down followed by thick smoke, raising doubts whether it was really an accident. Nevertheless, police are looking into all angles since the man arrived in the national capital only the previous night.

Following the incident, police and security forces have gone on high alert as Diwali is round the corner and Naya Bazar attracts hordes of festival shoppers.

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