Black Money hoarders, corrupt will face music after Jan 1: Venkaiah

Vijayawada: Union Minister for Information M Venkaiah Naidu said that Atal Bihari Vajapayee, as Prime Minister,A�gave good governance by implementing various welfare schemes to cater to the basic needs of people in villages and towns. Stating that the genuine people will not be disturbed through note ban,A�he hinted at more stringent laws to take on the corrupt and those with stashed money, after January 1.

Note ban is not intended to put people to difficulties, butA�only to encourage digital transactions and take on black money, tax evaders and terrorism,A�he clarified. Venkaiah said that there is no truth in what some people tell that all the money came to the banks after note ban and it is yet to decide whether it is right money or not.

He was participating at a program organized by BJP here, to mark theA�birthday of Vajpayee as good governance day. He said that Vajpayee became the prime minister without any support of the Congress and gave ideal administration by showing a lot of interest in transferring the people with fruits of development.

The current regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up with note ban decision to remove financial inequalities in the country. The aim of the demonetization is not to remove cash and instead to encourage digital transactions and the money pooled up will be used for providing housing and welfare for the people in the country, he remarked. The Vajpayee regime had encouraged reforms and focused on providing better road connectivity, telephone to every village and linkage of national highways, Railways, Airports for achieving the goal of rapid growth, Venkaiah said. He refuted the allegations that Modi Government is doing favour for Adani and Ambanis, andA�said that the previous congress regime gave Rs 1.80 lakh cr to these two companies. He expressed concern that corruption and irregularities by political leaders is failing to give good governance. Note ban gave positive results inA�KashmirA�as stone pelting, drugs supply and infiltration by terrorists have been stopped, he said. -NSS

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