BJPa��s National Executive meeting in Vizag, TDP Feels Threatened

BJP’s decision to hold its national executive meeting in July at Vizag and the prime minister’s plan to hold a 23 km rally in that occasion are sure to rattle TDP chief Naidu.

Hyderabad: After Jana Sena decided to spoil the sport, now TDP is threatened by BJP from all sides after it decided to hold National Executive meetings in Vizag in July this year.

It is a clear indication from TDP ally, BJP, that it will go alone in the next elections which will be a true shocker for TDP President Naidu. BJP has decided to hold partya��s national executive meeting in Vizag later in July in the presence of PM Modi.

Modi will organise a 23 km long road show in Vizag which will send signals to people of AP that BJP is in full force to roll in Southern states of India.

BJP is mainly focussing on South to win maximum MP seats in 2019 elections. As per BJP Leaders of AP, there will be friendly fight between TDP and BJP, but TDP is cornered on all sides with Jana Sena deciding to fight in elections and BJP trying to distance from ruling party.

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