BJP Targets TRS For 2019

Is the BJP trying to target TRS for 2019 elections? Yes, says BJP President Dr K Laxman. According to him, his party is trying to push forward SC categorisation through Constitutional amendment.
BJP Targets TRS For 2019

Hyderabad: Is the BJP trying to target TRS for 2019 elections? Yes, says BJP President Dr K  Laxman. According to him, his party is trying to push forward SC categorisation through Constitutional  amendment, which according to him, will  help the party to emerge as real political force in Telangana State. BJP is going with a perfect road map to strike at TRS and MIM and the  party is confident that they will be migration of MLAs and former legislators from the Congress and ruling party in coming days.

Laxman refused to leak the names of the legislators but expressed confident that they will join at an appropriate time. The BJP has a plan to woo  strong BC leaders and they are confident in future about SC leaders like Manda Krishna Madiga joining the  BJP.

About 15000 booth level committees are formed, mandal and division meetings will be held in coming three months and will move forward to strike at TRS with new strategies, Laxman said.

The BJP is expecting to galvanize the cadres after Amit Shah’s visit to Hyderabad which will be after the 16th. Central BJP is mainly focusing on increasing  its strength in Southern States which include Telangana. As per party sources, first strike will be aimed at grabbing Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat  from AIMIM.

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Chiranjeevi Takes It Cool

Chiranjeevi appears to be content with his role in Tollywood and not interested in active politics for now

Hyderabad: Film hero  Chiranjeevi was Mega Star up to 2009, next, he became actor-turned-politician, now he is Rajya Sabha Member and all are waiting to know the what will be his next role in 2019 elections.

Chiranjeevi, though a Member of Rajya Sabha, is not keen on politics at present,  according to his fans. Chiranjeevi skipped recent co-ordination Committee meeting of Congress party held at Vijayawada. His absence gave room to speculations about Chiru’s role in party and some leaders expressed doubts  whether he is still with the party.

But, according to his close aides, Chiru will remain in party but will concentrate on movies rather than politics in near future. Only reason for Chiranjeevi to take this step is that he sees no future for Congress party even in 2019 elections. He doesn’t want to take risk by joining  any other party in the present conditions in AP. His brother Pawan kalyan is busy with Jana Sena and had openly suggested that doors for Chiranjeevi are closed in Jana Sena.

There were rumours that ruling party, the TDP, tried to woo Chiranjeevi. The was opposed  by some senior leaders. After tasting success of Khaidi No 150, Chiranjeevi too changed his mind and fixed his focus on movies up to 2019.

Chiranjeevi’s Rajya Sabha term ends on April, 2018, and surely we are not going to see any magic by this actor-turned-politician till 2019.

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Balakrishna Back In Action For 2019 elections

Anantapur: Hindupur MLA, actor Balakrishna is well known for his faction genre which lifted his image in mass audience across AP, particularly in Rayalaseema region. Actor turned politician, who recently entered the century club with Gautamiputhra Sathakarni , is now aiming for a mass film to give a kick start for 2019 election campaign. For this, he opted for same factionist role in the direction of K. S. Ravi kumar who gave blockbusters like Muthu and Narasimha for Rajnikanth and Snehamkosam for Chiranjeevi.

The new film which is laced with political punch will be released just prior to 2019 elections. The script is getting finalised. Two movies are on the cards before this movie, one with farmers issue with title RYTHU and the other a biopic on his father NTR.

Balakrishna is facing anti-incumbency factor in his constituency, Hindupur, due to the internal conflict in the party. According to ‘Prime post’ Sources, Balakrishna may switch to Penamaluru constituency in 2019 as a safer side.

To regain his image, Balakrishna is once again coming up with his style of character which made him a mass hero i.e faction genre. Previous flicks of faction movies like Samarasimha Reddy, Narasimhanaidu were super hits which helped TDP a lot.

Balakrishna rejected many scripts before giving commitment to this movie. M. Ratnam is penning down powerful dialogues keeping Balakrishna’s image in mind. This is the first combo of Balakrishna and Ravikumar which will heat up 2019 election with punchy political satires on opposition.

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Don’t Vote Us if We Fail to Deliver : KCR

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao today reiterated that the TRS would not seek votes in 2019 elections if his government failed to provide safe drinking water to every house-hold.

Lashing out at previous Congress regime for failing to supply water, the KCR said the TRS would not ask for votes in the next general elections if it failed to supply safe drinking water to every household in the districts. “We are committed to implement Water Grid program to serve the purpose”, he stated.

Addressing the TRS party plenary at LB Stadium on Friday, KCR flayed his AP counterpart Chandrababu Naidu for claiming that previous TDP government had alone developed Hyderabad. “It is shame on part of such leaders who often come in the way of Telangana development and brag they had alone developed Telangana”, he alleged, adding that the AP Government was continuously creating hurdles with regard to power and water. Yet, the TRS government succeeded in tiding over the power crisis, he declared.

The Chief Minister KCR claimed that 43 percent fitment was announced for the State government employees, despite a burden of 6,500 crore rupees to the State exchequer. Besides, the government spent 17,000 crore rupees on crop loan waiver to help 34 lakh farmers in the State and another 480 crore rupees towards input subsidy. Stating that advocates and working journalists too played a key role in the statehood movement, Rao said the government earmarked huge funds for their welfare.

He also said the Telangana Government will launch within 10 days a power plant at the abode of Lord Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy temple at Yadadri.

Palamur people will get safe drinking water through the Krishna River. “To empower rural people, every year we will restore 9,000 lakes and water bodies and the works are going on under mission mode with active participation of the people and leaders alike, he stated.

Promising to provide uninterrupted power supply to industries and companies, KCR said that the new industrial policy, which is yet to be launched, will prove handy for them to rope in huge investments and offer employment to local talent. He also said Metro Railway lines are being extended to cater to future needs of the people in the twin cities. Since the separate statehood movement was meant for jobs, resources and waters, the TRS Government will accord priority to them and live up to the peoples’ expectations, Rao stated. (NSS)

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