BJP Surpasses Congress In Rajya Sabha In Terms Of Number Of Seats

The BJP with 58 members surpassed Congress to become the largest party in the Upper House, against 57 of the main opposition party, the Congress.

New Delhi: The BJP, which has been suffering from majority deficit in Rajya Sabha, overtook the Congress to become the largest party in the Upper House, with 58 members against 57 of the main opposition party.

The BJP MP Sampatiya Uikey, who was elected to the Upper House following a by-poll in Madhya Pradesh, took oathA�on Thursday. His election was held due to the sudden death of Union minster Anil Madhav Dave.

This is the first time that the BJP has become the number one formation in the Rajya Sabha after Modi had taken over the reins of the government in 2014.

The BJP-led NDA, however, is still short of a decisive majority in the House, but the joining of JD(U) to the ruling block has further boosted its numbers.

As the party has fielded its own leader Venkaiah Naidu for the post of vice-president, who will be the chairman of the Rajya Sabha, BJP is hopeful of a smoother transaction of business in the Upper House in future sessions.

Many times the governmenta��s agenda was confronted in the Rajya Sabha, when it was not having the adequate numbers in the House. Many times it was embarrassed by the motions by the opposition.Of the 790 members of the both Houses of Parliament, who form the electoral college for the vice-presidential poll, the NDA enjoys a comfortable majority, and the BJP sources claim that they can get close to 550 votes due to support from many regional parties.

The vice-president is the ex-officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha, and has the final say in the matters of the House.

In the near future, Congress is set to lose around 10 seats from the current 58, and the BJP tally can go near 70 seats from the current numbers.

In January three members from Aam Aadmi Party are set to enter Rajya Sabha, as the term of three Congress members will expire.

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