BJP Plans To Counter Pawan With Another Star?

AP BJP which lost hope on Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan met a young hero of Konidela family to seek the support for next elections.

Amaravati: As per Telugu media sources, AP BJP senior leader met Allu Arjun for his support to the party in next coming assembly elections. AP state BJP lost hopes on Jana Sena Chief who is closely moving with communist parties and planned to pick Bunny into BJP who has a good image in public after Pawan.

There was a cold war running between these two actors Pawan and Allu Arjun and BJP wants to encash on it by bringing Allu Arjun into politics.

As per party sources, Allu Arjun was non-committal. But Bunny aides say that there is time for their hero to plunge into politics. Will Allu Arjun cross Chiranjeevi and go against Pawan kalyan?

But up to now these are only speculations, and no official statement from Allu Arjun or from seniors leaders of BJP.

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