BJP Legislator Takes Selfie When Fire Destroys Houses

Netizens have found fault with a Rajasthan MLA who took selfie when fire accident occurred. He has his explanation.

Jaipur: Nagia Morili Daang area in Bayana Town of Rajasthan had a fire accident and many houses were gutted. BJP legislator Bachchu Singh who rushed to the spot took out his mobile and had a selfie shot on the spot.

He further posted the selfie in his personal FB which was facing severe criticism from netizens across world.

Is this the right time to take selfie? Instead of taking photo shots, the MLA could have poured two buckets of water to douse the fire, Netizens commented in response to the post in FB.

After facing severe criticism, Singh came out with an explanation that it was not a selfie and that picture was shot to inform the officials that he reached the spot. He further added SDM did not pick my phone so I sent the picture to ADM to inform that I reached the spot and picture was for confirmation.

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