BJP leader to address Republican Party annual convention in Virginia

Hyderabad:A�Krishna Saagar Rao, BJP official spokesperson of TelanganaA�State, has been invited to address the Republican Party annual convention inA�Virginia, theA�US.

Chairman of the Republican Party, Virginia, John Whitbeck Jr, in his professional capacity as an organizational strategist, coach and an author, has invited Saagar Rao as one of the main speakers at the convention.

He has addressed the two-day annual Republican Party convention this year at Richmond,A�Virginia,A�on both days. It was attended by senior Republican Party leaders, Virginia House and Senate Representatives and US Congress and Senate members.

In his 30-minute speech to the senior leaders of the Republican Party at the convention, Krishna Saagar Rao has shared views on his successful prediction of Donald Trumpa��s victory at the recent Presidential elections and his perspective on the challenges ahead for the Republican Party and the USA on domestic and international fronts.A�

He also highlighted the imperative need for party unity and national unity to rebuild degenerating American national values, economy and its greatness. He spoke about the contribution of Indian American community toA�the USA�on both social and economic fronts. He advised the Republican Party leadership to consider mainstreaming the Indian American community leaders into the State and federal law making bodies for increased representation.

Krishna Saagar Rao also highlighted the need for Trump presidency to rethink the foreign policy in Indian sub-continent and reassess its real friends in the region. He reminded the large audience of Republican leaders thatA�IndiaA�has always been a friend of theA�USA�and has deep ties in the areas of trade and culture for decades. He also predicted that Trump presidency will be marked with huge, unconventional, disruptive decisions to drive changes inA�Americaa��s economic, military and global stature. He called upon the party leaders to support the incoming Presidenta��s national and international endeavors and stand behind him with unity in the larger interest of theA�USA�and the world.

Krishna Saagar Raoa��s speech impressed the Republican leaders so much that he received a standing ovation by an audience of over 500 present at the event. His co-speaker at the event was Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett & Packard and a Republican presidential contestant in US Elections 2016. She praised Krishna Saagar Raoa��s speech as one that opens great opportunities for the US to re-engage with India with a new foreign policy.


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