BJP Launches Campaign To Celebrate September 17 As Telangana Liberation Day

The BJP, which is all set to make its presence felt in every South Indian State, is now gearing up to challenge the state government with its demand to celebrate September 17 as Telangana Liberation Day. Is Telangana the gateway for the BJP in South India?

Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janata Party, which is determined to expand its foot print in South India, launched a campaign in the state to celebrateA�September 17A�as Telangana Liberation Day.

It may be recalled that the Government of India, under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, took over Hyderabad State from Nizam in September 17, 1948,A�after an army operation called a�?Operation Polo.a��

The party, which is determined to be considered as the main opposition to the TRS Government led by K Chandrashekar Rao in the state, is determined to make the programme a big success.

As the BJP is on the preparations for the coming general elections, the state unit hopes that this event will act as a switchboard for them to win the 2019 Assembly polls in the state.

As part of the planning, the BJP National President Amit Shah will visit Hyderabad for three days in September to set the agenda. It is learnt that during his three-day visit to the state, he would review organizational structure at grass-root level and discuss the strategy with state unit leaders.

The 200-years-old Nizama��s rule came to an end in 1948 with an Army operation; however, it was followed by communal violence that left the state, particularly Hyderabad city, deeply scarred.

However, secularists feel that public celebration of Liberation Day onA�September 17A�might hurt the communities, particularly minorities.

Speaking to a national channel (CNN IBN), the BJP spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao said,A�a�?Our party believes in celebrating everything that is nationalist. If this region had not been liberated, it would have become a South Pakistan. This reason is enough to celebrate this day officially, as it marks liberation from the oppressing rule of Nizam.KCR Government has taken U-turn to appease minority vote bank. In fact, the state government is under the pressure of Owaisi led All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen.a�?

Meanwhile, there were reactions from the ruling party.

TRS MP Vishweshwar Reddy reportedly said that politically the BJP was irrelevant in Telangana, and it only wants to play a divisive card, as it doesna��t have any understanding of local issues.

But, Amit Shaha��s statement during his last visit that a�?Telanganaa�� would be the gateway for South India for the BJP, explains how determined the party is to make its presence felt in the state.

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