BJP ignores Shiv Sena?

Mumbai, October 21: The ambiguity over whom BJP will seek for support to get the required majority, to form the government in Maharashtra, continues. The party is yet to confirm whether it will accept NCPa��s overture to provide support from outside or will approach Shiv Sena.

Meanwhile it looks like a cat and mouse game between the old friends. It looks like the Shivsena president Uddhav Thackeray prefers to wait for BJP to make the first move and the latter is not ready to give in.

The clash of egos, obviously, was the reason for the fall out between the two before the elections. However, now, the scales have tilted. BJP won almost double the seats than Shiv Sena and definitely enjoys an upper hand, what with NCP eager to be of help. It may serve the Sena better, if, they leave their reservations behind and offer their support and forget about the waiting game.

Especially in lieu of the reports that BJP is in contact with the smaller parties and MLAs to reach their desired number; and that means they would not require Sena support at all. a�?We already have the support of smaller parties and independent MLAs, and are already 135 MLAs strong,a�? shared BJP MP Kirit Somaiya.

Some party members within Shiv Sena seem to have already suggested names for the person who can lead the party in the Assembly, if the party chooses to sit on the opposition benches. But the same cannot be confirmed until the party decides on supporting BJP. But,A�if the party is keen to be with the new government, then it should decide on their next move as soon as possible, before the indefinite wait proves their undoing. The party does not seem to be in the mood to give in, though.A�a�?When a proposal comes, the party president Uddhav Thackeray will think about it,a�? said Shiv Sena MP, Anil Desai. Yet, the party is hitting out at NCP, and allege – the eagerness of NCP to support BJP is only because it wants to protect its tainted ministers.

Union home minister Rajnath Singh is yet to reach Mumbai and it is expected that his arrival will put a stop to the speculations and confusion. He was supposed to have been in Maharashtra on Monday, but now, he is likely to visit the state only after Diwali.

Meanwhile BJP is all set to elect its first Chief Minister in Haryana. Venkaiah Naidu will be overseeing the process during the BJP Legislative Party meeting.A�Manohar Lala Khattar is in the fore front for CM’s post in Haryana.

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