BJP demands release of Rs 100 crores

Welfare of Brahmins

Hyderabad: Telangana State BJP has demanded that the state government immediately release Rs 100 crores allocated in the budget for the welfare of Brahmins and help solve their problems.

In a press note released on Sunday, MLC and national BJP executive member N Ramchander Rao recalled that the TRS Government had announced in the Legislative Assembly during the budget session in March that it would constitute a Brahmin Welfare Corporation and allocated Rs 100 crores in the budget. But even eight months after its announcement, the state government has neither set up the Corporation nor has it released Rs 100 crores, which amounts to the government cheating the Brahmin community in the state.

Accusing the state government of not evincing interest in setting up of the Brahmin Corporation, he urged the government to keep its promise of forming the corporation and release earmarked funds so that it would benefit the economically backward Brahmins in pursuing higher education and overseas education.


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