BJP Condemns Arrests, Flays KCR

Hyderabad: BJP strongly condemns the undemocratic attitude of the TRS Government in not allowing a public rally by unemployed youth in Hyderabad, even after the organizers have taken full responsibility to conduct it peacefully.

Telangana BJPa��s official spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao in a statement said, a�?Indian constitution provides for democratic rights of free expression. These rights should not be curtailed in the name of law and order by those in government. TRS government has shown its intolerance to democratic values and freedom of expression throughout their 2 A? year rule.a�� Curbing public expression and dissent is purely fascist and undemocratic, he said.

CM KCRA� and his government are scared of public expression. He is fully aware that his government has failed in all areas of governance. His government could neither focus on development nor welfare so far. It has miserably failed the expectations of its electorate.

BJP also condemns the way in which Prof. Kodandaram was arrested by breaking the doors of his home. That too, for a preventive custody. If this can happen to a leader who led the political JAC for separate statehood, what can happen to the common man in Telangana State? CM KCR has unleashed police raj in Telangana State and is using the police force to silence the voice of the opposition parties and public. BJP strongly believes that he can never succeed in this oppressive endeavour,a�� said Krishna Sagar Rao.

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