BJP Always Its Ideology, Says Lakshman

Siddhipet: Telangana State BJP president Dr K Lakshman on Sunday said his party is an ideology-based party and always follows its ideology.

Stating that BJP does not have lust to capture power, Lakshman alleged that his party workers were taken into custody when they wanted to express their protest peacefully against the unconstitutional act of the State government. The ruling party would meet the same fate like in Uttar Pradesh. BJP would strive for providing a democratic and Ramrajya governance.

The BJP chief warned that his party would launch agitation like Telangana movement against wrong policies of the TRS government. He also alleged that the TRS government was playing vote bank politics by raising issue of religion-based reservation.

Describing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a a�?Brahmastraa�? he said, a�?We have a Brahmastra which is more powerful than a nuclear weapon. (NSS)

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