Birender, man who lives in hearts of cardiac patients

New Delhi: PM Modi recently announced about slashing of Stent prices, a device used to treat weekend or narrowed arteries in the heart. Prices almost slashed from 45000 to 8000, thus giving a huge relief to cardiac patients in the country.

But the credit goes to a brave fight by a lawyer named Birender Sangwan who filed a petition in Delhi Court in 2014 against the price regulation of this life saving device.

In 2014, Sangawan’s friend brother received a massive heart attack and was charged 1, 26,000rs. When Sangwan checked for MRP on the device box, he could not find out the price fixed by Government. After a thorough check with other doctors he came to a conclusion that there is no fixed price and hospitals had a free hand in fixing the prices of stents.

He came to know that Stents were not included on National List of essential Medicines (NLEM), and came to a conclusion that it as a scam with no ethics followed.

After a series of PIL filed by Sangwan in HC, Court directed Government to look into this cap price of stent.  Congress and BJP tried to politicize this issue but purely credit goes to this brave lawyer whose next target is on Orthopaedic implant devices with extent priced tags.

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