Bird flu scare: banned chicken and egg sales

HYDERABAD: As the public in Telangana pressed panic button with spread of H5N1 influenza Bird flu, the State government has announced a blanket ban on the sale of chicken and eggs all over the State.

It is learnt that the State government was not equipped to take on the spread of virus, which might prove fatal on becoming pandemic if mutated with humans. The government is said to have no adequate stocks of Tamiflu or Oseltamivir tablets that are suggested to check the symptoms of fever, sore throat, muscle pains, eye infection to pneumonia.

Informed sources said the government passed orders to cull some two lakh birds in poultry farms around Hayathnagar and quarantine them. The government, which faced Swine flu wrath that took the toll of hundreds of people in the State, is now gearing up to face another eventuality of Bird flu spread, which may turn lethal.

Directing the officials of all the districts to give a wide publicity against consumption of chicken and eggs as the H5N1 virus may spread, the State government appealed to the people to abstain from eating chicken and eggs strictly to avoid the spread. The virus can be treated with the use of Tamiflu or Oseltamivir tablets for their wide acceptance to prevent and treat Influenza A and Influenza B, according to the information.

Children starting from two weeks and older are likely to be affected by this fatal virus. Only noted and big medical shops in Hyderabad are reportedly selling these tablets and are not available in Government Hospitals and primary health centers at this time.

Two lakh birds killed, 80k to be culled

State Animal Husbandry Director Venkateshwarlu said the problem was detected for the first time and had ordered culling of about two lakh birds at Hayatnagar and other areas.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Venkateshwarlu said the State government announced high alert on the possible spread of Bird flu. The officials were asked to kill about 80,000 birds and cull about two lakh birds to be killed in quarantine places wherein pits are being dug up. He also said the Rapid Response Teams of veterinary department, along with officials, were pressed into the job of taking quarantine measures, adding that the AP State should also take up the issue seriously.

Warning of spread of the virus, he asked the people to stay away from eating birds and eggs. Eggs affected by the virus are more dangerous and cannot be consumed, he warned. People can eat only boiled eggs, he said. The official machinery is yet to prepare to take on the Bird flu if it proves pandemic. The Bird flu reports were flashed in the newspapers with Bhopal Lab confirming bird flu positive to samples obtained from died chicks at Hayathanagar in Ranga Reddy district adjoining Hyderabad.A�(NSS)

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