Biggest Maratha March Points The Lack Of Jobs And Sufficient Incomes

The backward but powerful community politically, the Marathas on Wednesday marched in the heart of Mumbai demanding reservations in jobs and educational institutions.

Mumbai: Mumbai turned into a sea of humanity, as thousands of people demanding reservations for the Maratha community marched from Jijamata Udyan in Byculla till Azad Maidan on Wednesday. Thousands of saffron protestors walked down south Mumbai.

The Maratha community is politically powerful group because they constitute about 33 percent of Maharashtra population.The protesters demanded reservation in jobs and educational institutions for members of Maratha community, punishment to culprits in the Kopardi gang rape case, and loan waiver for farmers.

The protesters who refused any political interference, pulled down banners put up by the Shiv Sena Party workers.  Many celebrities and politicians extended their support to the march.  Around 8-lakh protesters participated in today’s March.

The Maratha Kranthi Morcha took 57 silent protest marches last year.  The protest on Wednesday can be described as the biggest protest of all. The first protest was held in Aurangabad on August 9 last year.

Meanwhile, this protest march was not silent like earlier marches as the protesters and organizers raised slogans in support of their demands, and unlike previous marches they allowed politicians to occupy the dais.

The delegation from the morcha met Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at the Vidhan Bhawan as the Assembly was in session. After meeting with the representatives, Fadnavis vowed that his government is committed towards granting reservation to the Maratha community.

Fadnavis asked the Maharashtra Backward Commission to submit a detailed report on the issue, as it would expedite the reservation demand in court.

Earlier, the Congress led government in Maharashtra ordered an additional 16 percent reservation for the Marathas. But, additional percentage was not given on the basis of caste, but was given rather as the economically backward community.  As the Supreme Court put a limit on the caste based reservation, the government took this route.

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