Big Jolt For Cognizant Employees

The employees of the Cognizant company have been in a perpetual state of shock with the management tightening the screws. Here is the latest jolt.

Texas: Its another big jolt for Cognizant employees, as per sources. The company has decided to stop applying green cards under EB2 and EB 3 for its employees.

This decision certainly dashed the hopes of the employees who are planning to get Permanent Residence in the US.
These EB 2 and EB3 routes will be stopped until further notice by the company. Any H1 B visa holder, for permanent residency, should go through the process of Green card filed by the company.

Employment Based (EB) permanent residency through routes of EB 1, EB2, EB 3 will be provided by the company for its employees who are on H1B.

“As a part of our long term objectives, we have decided to stop EB 2 and EB 3 until further notice,” said Cognizant authorities.

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