Big B Meets 103-Year Old Special Fan

It is not every Sunday that Big B Amitabh meets a fan like 103-year old Christine Carvalho. Here is what Amitabh had to say about her:

Mumbai: It is well know that Big B Amitab Bachan will meet his fans on every Sunday at his residence in Mumbai. After the completion of the programme, the superstar will fill his pages in Twitter with the updates of the programme.

But last Sunday he met a special fan and tweeted about the details of his interaction with the special guest or fan. She is Christine Carvalho and here is what Amitabh said about her…a�? Meeting Christine Carvalho…who….hold your breath is 103 yrs old…103!! and sees all my films, a number of times…had the most ardent desire to meet me, blessed me on my forehead, watches TV every day, her favourite programme is WWE…unbelievable…does her own chores…bathes on her own….washes her clothes.. and just so incredible, says Amitabh in his personal blog.


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