Bhumana Questioned

(Primepost Bureau)

Guntur: Bhumana Karunakara Reddy, former TTD chairman and a senior YSRCP leader was questioned by AP CID on Tuesday for six hours in connection with the train burning at Tuni in East Godavari district eight months ago. He was asked to present himself tomorrow morning at the regional police head office for further questioning.

The case concerning the burning of a train near Tuni railway station was allegedly fast-tracked to make an issue at the time of short session of the Assembly where the opposition might try to put the ruling party in a tight corner questioning its failure in achieving special status. The government is allegedly using the police to show the opposition YSRCP in poor light.

Bhumana was served a notice along with 21 others to appear before the police for questioning. He duly went to the police station. He was asked questions by CID Additional SP Ravi Kishore.

Even while the train was burning and Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham was addressing a protest rally at Tuni, AP Chief Minister addressed media persons and blame the ‘rowdys from Rayalaseema’ for the arson. The police did not make any attempt to douse the flame engulfing the train. Mudragada was demanding that the TDP government should implement the promise made in TDP election manifesto to include Kapus in the BC list and provide reservations.

After the arson, Mudragada has stopped the agitation temporarily. When about ten persons from East Godavari were arrested by the polices couple of months ago Mudragada protested again by sitting on indefinite fast. He was forcibly moved to the government hospital and got fluids administered by force. Three among the ten persons arrested were Kapus. The rest are from different castes. Mudragada was forced to abandon his fast under difficult circumstances. But he did not give up until the persons arrested were let off.

The YRCP leaders across the State condemned the attitude of the government which has been using its official missionary to settle political scores.

After coming out of the police station Bhumana criticised Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu for trying to divert public attention from his failures. Mudragada and other Kapu leaders were asking the government to implement the promise made to the Kapus in the 2014 election manifesto. He said YSRCP had supported the Kapu agitation which is justified. He said his party would continue to stand by the Kapus in their struggle for reservations.

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