Bharat’s Death: This Was Why Ravi Teja Missed His Brother’s Funeral

Actor Ravi Teja faced criticism for his absence at his brother, Bharata��s funeral. But here are some interesting facts behind Ravi Teja’s absence.

Hyderabad: It may be recalled that actor Ravi Tejaa��s brother, Bharat, died in a car crash at Kothwalguda in Hyderabad, few days back. Actor Ravi Teja and other members of the family were absent during the funeral at Mahaprasthanam. The only exception was Raghu.

Actor Uttej revealed the response of Ravi Teja after he came to know about the news of Bharata��s death. According to Uttej, Ravi Teja cried unstaoppably for few hours and was uncontrollable.

Uttej further said that Ravi Teja did not attend funeral because his mind is filled with his brothera��s smiling face and did not want to see a mutilated face.

There was criticism against Ravi Teja for attending shoot on the next day, but as per close aides of Ravi teja, he did not want to make the producer suffer by cancelling shoot for the sake of his personal reasons. report:
As per our sources, there was no close relation between brothers and Ravi Teja. But Ravi Teja used to give money from his purse to his brothers every month for their survival. Ravi Teja and his mother warned Bharat many times not to drink and drive. But, Bharat never listened. Ravi Teja was fed up with his brother’s attitude and stopped talking with him.

Ravi Teja who stays with parents even now takes care of his father who is alcohol addicted.

Every week he gives pocket money of Rs 25,000 to his father who regularly goes to Film Nagar Club. His father is guided by car driver who takes home safely evey night.

Ravi Teja , the only successful actor in his family, took the responsibility of his entire family, but it is his brother Bharat who lost life by ignoring the advice of his loving brother.

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