Bharath’s Untimely Death, Brother Ravi Teja Clarifies On Skipping Last Rites

The star says it would have been “unbearable, both for him and his mother, to see the dead body,” explaining why he did not attend his brother’s last rites. He also hit out at the media for “maligning” reports.

Hyderabad: One-time Telugu superstar, Ravi Teja, has responded to criticism on not attending his brother Bharath Raju’s last rites’; following the latter’s death in a road accident.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Ravi Teja explained that it would have been “unbearable, both for him and his mother, to see the dead body,” revealing the reason for not attending the funeral. He said family members had “literally collapsed” on coming to know of Bharath’s death.

The actor described as untrue stories doing rounds on social media platforms and some TV channels. “Last rites of Bharath were not performed by a junior artist, but by my uncle and brother,” he asserted. Responding to reports that he attended a shooting the next morning of Bharath’s death, he conceded that he did go the next day. He explained that the shooting involved 25 artists and, hence, he had to go for the shoot. He pooh-poohed comments that he had taken selfies and was all smiles.  More: I Have Phobia For Dead Bodies: Ravi Teja

Disclosing that such reports were “depressing” the bereaved family, Ravi Teja expressed concern that people were exceeding the limits of decency. “Please do not write such stories without knowing facts”, he added.

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Ravi Teja Is A Teetotaller And Doesn’t Do Drugs, Says Mom

Rajyalakshmi stoutly defends both her sons, Teja and Bharat, and advises media not to judge her deceased son based on his past.

Hyderabad:  “I am pained at Ravi Teja’s name being dragged into the drugs case,” expressed Rajyalakshmi, mother of the leading Telugu actor.

Speaking to the media on Monday, she was responding to questions on her other son Bharat’s death and allegations that Ravi Teja was among those who had been served notices to appear before the police.

Rajyalakshmi asserted that her son was a teetotaller and never did drugs. “He would even dissuade someone who was doing drugs,” she maintained.

Responding to criticism that Ravi Teja had attended a shooting the day after his brother’s demise in a road accident, she maintained that this was to prevent losses to producers and inconvenience to scores of other film personnel, who were involved in the day’s shooting that had already been scheduled.   More: Hyderabad Drugs Bust: Are Children Of Political Leaders Too Involved?

Speaking about Bharat, Rajyalakshmi described as “untrue” reports that her deceased son was drunk at the time of his accident on outskirts of the State Capital on the night of June 24. Clarifying that she did not attend the last rites of Bharat as per the customs of their family, she maintained that Bharat had given up all his bad habits before his death and was even selected for the Bigg Boss show.

The mother expressed grief that the accident took place at a time when he was truly changing. Even Ravi Teja had made efforts to change the habits of his brother. “Bharat cannot be judged by his past, she added.    More: Tollywood Drug Mafia: List Of Celebrities Who Received Notices

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Ravi Teja Takes Part In Shooting, Soon After Brother’s Funeral

The social media was agog with the news that Ravi Teja took part in film shooting on the next day of his brother Bharat’s funeral.

Hyderabad: Ravi Teja, Tollywood hero and brother of Bharat who died on Saturday night on Outer Ring Road in a car accident, is believed to have participated in film shooting in the next day of the funeral which he did not attend. The fact that Ravi Teja did not see his brother’s dead body has been going viral in social media. People in social media say Ravi Teja should not have skipped the funeral and he should have excused his brother of his bad habits at least after his death. In this background the news about the hero taking part in shooting came as a shock to the people in film world.   More: Why Ravi Teja Missed Bharath’s Funeral?

It is known that Bharat’s body was taken from Osmania hospital straight to Mahaprastanam at Jubilee Hills where the rites were performed. Even before 24 hours passed after Bharat’s funeral, Ravi Teja participated in the shoot of ‘Raja the Great’. The producers thought of postponing the shoot which was taking place in Hyderabad. But Ravi Teja expressed his readiness to attend, the shooting was organised. May be Ravi Teja thought the best way to manage the sorrow and grief was getting in with the work rather than sitting alone at home and brood!  More: Ravi Teja ‘s Brother Bharat Raju’s Death: Police Yet To Confirm He Was Drunk

Bharat Took Liquor At Hotel

The cc footage at Novotel hotel established that Bharat had entered the hotel at 2.30 pm on June 24 and left the hotel at 9.30pm. He reportedly consumed alcohol at a friend’s birthday party. The cameras showed that Bharat started consuming liquor at 4 pm.

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Raviteja’s Brother Bharat Dies In Car Accident

Bharat, actor Raviteja’s brother died in a road accident here on Sunday morning.
Raviteja's Brother Bharat Dies In Car Accident

Hyderabad: Bharat, actor Raviteja’s brother died in a road accident here on Sunday morning. The car Bharat was travelling at a high speed on the Outer Ring Road has hit a stationary truck. He is 52 year old.

Bharat died on the spot. His body was taken to Osmania General Hospital. He acted in films in supporting roles. Oedababu, Vokkadee, Doocheey, Sainyam are some of the movies he acted in.

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  1. June 25, 2017

    […] Bhupathiraju Bharat has been controversial ever since he came to Hyderabad after his brother Raviteja’s made a name as a hero in Tollywood. He is known to be emotional. He was jailed in the case of abusing a police officer. He was also accused in the cases of drugs and drunken drive. Read More: Raviteja’s Brother Bharat Dies In Car Accident […]

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Mass Maharaja to turn director?

Hyderabad:Mass Maharaja Raviteja did not do any films last year. After bagging a hit with ‘Bengal TigeHr’, Raviteja took a long vacation and went on a world tour. Then a gossip made rounds that Raviteja is planning to bid goodbye to acting and take up direction. After taking retirement as a hero, he thought of making a re-entry as director. It may be recalled here that Raviteja had worked as an assistant director in the early days of his career. Based on that experience, he reportedly planned to wield the megaphone.

However, all the news was proved as gossip as Raviteja had signed the dotted line for two films such as ‘Raja The Great’ and ‘Touch Chesi Choodu’. The gossip mongers tried to revive their gossip saying that he would take up direction after those two movies. Surprisingly, Raviteja had agreed to do one more film which is the remake of successful Tamil film Bogan with Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy in the lead. The film had completed 50-day run recently. The Telugu remake would be directed by Lakshman and Raviteja would do the role of Aravind Swamy in the original. The film is most likely to go to floors in August. Thus Raviteja put a full stop to the rumours on direction.

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Raviteja suits best for ‘Auto Johnny’ – Puri

Hyderabad: Puri Jagannath had prepared a story with the title ‘Auto Johnny’ and narrated it to Mega Star Chiranjeevi for his 150th film. However, Chiranjeevi did not like the story in the second half. Later, he gave his nod for a remake and chose VV Vinayak for the prestigious film. So, the film failed to come up as Chiru movie.

Now a gossip is making rounds that Puri had made some changes to the subject and is bringing out the same subject with Balakrishna as his 101st movie. Sources very close to the film unit condemn that they are mere gossips. After the Mega Star refused to accept the story, Puri Jagannath has reportedly took a firm decision to bring out a film with Mass Maharaja Raviteja, with that subject. He kept that story aside exclusively for Raviteja. After Balakrishna, Puri is supposed to do a movie with Victory Venkatesh.

In case, if he says no, Puri Jagannath is planning to bring out a film with Raviteja with the ‘Auto Johnny’ subject and Puri Jagannath is of the opinion to give him a big hit as Raviteja is facing successive flops. On the flipside, Puri Jagannath had completed the first schedule of Puri-Balakrishna Combo. The second schedule is slated from April first week in Hyderabad. Anoop Rubens is scoring music for this movie.

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