Bharath’s Untimely Death, Brother Ravi Teja Clarifies On Skipping Last Rites

The star says it would have been “unbearable, both for him and his mother, to see the dead body,” explaining why he did not attend his brother’s last rites. He also hit out at the media for “maligning” reports.

Hyderabad: One-time Telugu superstar, Ravi Teja, has responded to criticism on not attending his brother Bharath Raju’s last rites’; following the latter’s death in a road accident.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Ravi Teja explained that it would have been “unbearable, both for him and his mother, to see the dead body,” revealing the reason for not attending the funeral. He said family members had “literally collapsed” on coming to know of Bharath’s death.

The actor described as untrue stories doing rounds on social media platforms and some TV channels. “Last rites of Bharath were not performed by a junior artist, but by my uncle and brother,” he asserted. Responding to reports that he attended a shooting the next morning of Bharath’s death, he conceded that he did go the next day. He explained that the shooting involved 25 artists and, hence, he had to go for the shoot. He pooh-poohed comments that he had taken selfies and was all smiles.  More: I Have Phobia For Dead Bodies: Ravi Teja

Disclosing that such reports were “depressing” the bereaved family, Ravi Teja expressed concern that people were exceeding the limits of decency. “Please do not write such stories without knowing facts”, he added.

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