a�?Best Team of Rail Vikas Shivir Awarda�� to SCR

Hyderabad:A�Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the a�?Best Team of Rail Vikas Shivir Awarda�? to South Central Railway at the concluding day function of the three-day Rail Vikas Shivir (a mega brainstorming exercise of Indian Railways) in Surajkund, New Delhi, on Monday. Ravindra Gupta, SCR General Manager received the award from the Prime Minister.

The three-day Rail Vikas Shivir, held from November 18 to 20, at the initiative of the Prime Minister is an unprecedented exercise involving the entire Indian Railways at all levels with a view to generate innovative and practical ideas across critical areas of railway operations for substantial progress of this sector. This is for the first time in the 163 years of Indian Railways that such a massive brainstorming and planning exercise involving multi-stage and multi-dimensional dialogue has taken place involving railway employees across all levels, from a gangman to Railway Board Chairman, cutting across hierarchies. The Prime Minister addressed both the inaugural (on 18th Nov) and the concluding session on Monday.

The theme presentation of South Central Railway oA�n a�?Creating 3X (Three Times) Bigger Indian Railway that is Economically Viablea�? focused oA�n conversion of existing goods sheds to outsourced goods sheds which will lead to a multiple positive impact, financially enabling substantial gains to Indian Railways besides increasing service reliability and satisfaction. The impact envisages-creating 6 times bigger terminal capacity, integrating IT enabled supply chain logistics, capturing new streams of traffic, off loading the overhead costs, provision of all weather warehousing facilities and making goods sheds economically viable and vibrant 24 X 7.


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