Beautician Sirishaa��s Daughter Sponsored By Top Cop

After mysterious death of beautician Sirisha, her daughter studying 8th class, was left alone without money to pay for expenses in studies. The expenses were picked up by a cop with humanity.

Palakollu: We all know the sensation created during the investigation of beautician Sirishaa��s case in Telugu states. Passion, jealousy and possessiveness led to the suicide of beautician Sirisha. The police, who investigated the case, finally ascertained that it was a suicide and linked the death of SI Prabhakar Reddy with it.

But no one knows that Sirishaa��s daughter was studying 8 th class at Palakollu, West Godavari district, and looking for someone to pay for expenses to continue her studies. She is staying with her grandparents for a few years.

IG of Police Sunil Kumar, who belongs to CID department, came forward to sponsor the child’s education up to degree. He said the story of Sirisha pained him a lot and he thought of helping her daughter to prosecute her studies. One should salute the cop for his humanitarian gesture towards the child.

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