Beautician Sirisha’s Case: Was It A murder?

Suicide case of beautician Sirisha is taking twists and turns by the day like a TV serial with latest episode suspecting it as a murder and not suicide as the police would like us to believe.

Hyderabad:A� There is a film of Ravi Teja directed by Harish Shankar, titled a�?SHOCKa�� with script showing police harassing a youth to buttress their perception.

If we see Sirishaa��s case, same doubts arise in a common man’s mind who is following the case and the police version.

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From day one there are controversial statements by police in this case. They declared that Sirisha committed suicide, no involvement of SI Prabhakar and no connection to his case, Sirisha was not raped.

Within two days, police arrested Sravan, Rajiv and sent them to judicial custody without asking court for police custody to interrogate. This is another typical move by police in crime cases.

When there was a pressure from Sirisha parents and media, police started a serious investigations which was taking them in total reverse direction.

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Now the version of police is different. They leak information which plants doubts in the people that Sirisha might have been raped. SI Prabhakar is involved and asking court to give Sravan and Rajiv for police custody to know the facts is the latest one.

Now a fresh doubt is being down by bringing SIrishaa��s nephew to the fore. According to him, Sirisha was murdered at Kukunoor resort and the body was brought to RJ studio and made it appear as a case of suicide by hanging. Important point he raised in this topic was, the height of the ceiling fan Sirisha allegedly hanged herself is less than the height of Sirisha. He also said that marks around neck are not of her dress but a strong iron wire.

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According to his version either post-mortem report should be wrong or police version must have been off the mark, so once again this case will turn twists in coming days. But before that, the police should answer who is Tejaswini? Why was she not brought into public domain till now? Why are the police protecting Tejaswini and going soft on Rajiv?

Watch for a few more sensational episodes/updates in Sirisha’s suicide/murder case.

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