Beautician Sirisha Case: Many Questions Unanswered

Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy’s narration on death of Sirisha left many questions unanswered.

Hyderabad: Beautician Sirisha’s death case was narrated by Mahender Reddy by saying that she committed suicide and nobody murdered or molested her.

Though there was a rebuttal from both the families of SI Prabhakar and Sirisha, these questions must be answered by Commissioner in the case.

1} Clues teams are trying to open the CCTV footage of SI Prabhakar from Kukunoorpally police station for two days. The hard disk was brought to Hyderabad. One does not know any thing about the contents. Was the hard disc opened? If not, why was it not opened? Are police  hiding the truth.

2} Commissioner said that Sirisha was not molested, then what about the injuries on her lips, cheek and the bottom of the back?

3} Was a rape attempt done on Sirisha or  not?This was not mentioned in medical report.

4} why did they let off Rajeev and who is the main culprit? Sravan or Rajiv? What is the role of SI Prabhakar who was not weak-hearted to commit suicide for such an incident?

5)Sravan and Rajiv were produced in Nampally court and remanded for 14 days. Does it mean the case is shelved?

6} what happened at Kukunoorpally resorts after Sirisha, Prabhakar and Rajiv had liquor?

7) Why did CP Mahender Reddy end the media conference in a hurry by giving clean chit to SI Prabhakar?

All these points should come out if one were to know the actual facts of the mysterious deaths of Sirisha and SI Prabhakar.

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  1. June 22, 2017

    […] day one there are controversial statements by police in this case. They declared that Sirisha committed suicide, no involvement of SI Prabhakar and no connection to his case, Sirisha was not […]

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