Beautician Sirisha Case: Is There Any Foul Play By Police?

Police who took the main accused Rajiv and Sravan for two days’ custody did nothing seriously related to the case as per Sirishaa��s parents.

Hyderabad: There are rumours and speculations going on about the role of Banjara Hills police with allegations that they are diluting the beautician Sirisha’s case.

Declaration by Banjara Hills police on Tuesday that Sirisha had committed suicide rises eyebrows once again in this case. Those who are closely following the police investigations said that there is no foul play in this case. Statement was released by the police after questioning Rajiv and Sravan for two days.

Suspicion arose when police took Rajiv and Sravan for ‘case reconstruction ‘ on Tuesday night.

Police, who were supposed to go to Kukunoorpally resorts and PS for the case details, just roamed along with culprits in and around of Hyderabad-Kukunoorpally road, leaving the main spot, the parents of Sirisha alleged. The culprits were not even taken to Kukunoorpally PS to know the real facts what had happened on that night.

It looks as though the police wants to close the case as soon as possible by washing their hands with a statement that death of Sirisha is a case of suicide.

One fact they left to readers or viewers is whether she was raped or not and the conclusion depends upon the forensic lab report which is pending.

Sirishaa��s parents allege that still there is a mystery behind the death of their daughter and police are trying to save Rajiv and Sravan in this case.

When questioned about DCP Venkateswara rao statement that they can come to Hyderabad PS to know the facts, Sirishaa��s relatives refused to consult them as the case is faulty.

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  1. July 6, 2017

    […] Answers to the two questions are hard to find even as the character of Sirisha has repeatedly come under slander. Also under contention is booking of Sravan as Accused No. 1, while it was his friend Rajeev, owner of the studio, where Sirisha was working a beautician, who had reportedly beaten her up, soon after which Sirisha is stated to have committed suicide. Was Sravan made A1 because he had a criminal background, while Rajiv became A2?  More: Beautician Sirisha Case: Is There Any Foul Play By Police? […]

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