Beautician Sirisha case: Audio Tape Leaked

Still the mystery behind Sirisha and SI Prabhakar remains unresolved with Telangana police trying their best to get at the truth by investigating the case basing on different clues.

Hyderabad: Mystery of double murder (suicide?) case of beautician Sirisha and police SI Prabhakar took a new turn on Tuesday after audio tape of Sirisha was leaked.

Audio tape of Sirisha with Rajiv and Naveen was surfaced by police and why it has taken so long to bring the tapes into public domain is unclear.

As per the audio tape, Sirisha requested Naveen, a friend of Rajiv, for the recording of the calls between Rajiv and Tejaswini. She also made it clear to Naveen that Tejaswini is her enemy. Rajiv tried to convince Sirisha that he scolded Tejaswini, but Sirisha forced Rajiv to handover the recorded call showing him scolding Tejaswini.
Many unanswered questions once again came into picture after this audio tape was leaked.

Why Rajiv did abused Tejaswini? Why Sirisha forced Rajiv for recording the call? Police who said that Sirisha committed suicide are once again trying to get full details about the case which looks to be unresolved until now.

Even the timing of the leakage of audio tape is being questioned.

Police came to a conclusion that SI Prabhakar is the main culprit in the case who tried to tackle the rift between Rajiv and Sirisha.

With this new development coming to the fore, one has to see how many twists and turns the case will take before the truth is finally established.

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  1. June 29, 2017

    […] The preliminary report of the forensic laboratory indicated that Sirisha was not molested in the day she visited Kukunoorpally police station. To this effect, Banjara Hills […]

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