‘Beaten for leaving the geyser on’ a wife hangs herself

HYDERABAD: Susrutha, 31 years old, wife of a software engineer Mohan Rao, hanged herself in Hyderabad on Sunday, hours after she texted her family that she had been beaten for running the geyser for too long.

Susrutha spoke to her parents on the phone and said that she had been beaten badly. Her father Satyanarayana told her that they would come to her as soon as they could.

She had sent a text message to her father before speaking to them on the phone. The message said that her husbandA�had dragged her out of the bathroom and physically assaulted her in the presence of their 2 sons and his parents.

By the time Susrutha’s parents reached her house from Nalgonda, which is about one and a half hours away from Hyderabad, they were told that their daughter had hung herself to death.

Susrutha’s parents have filed a complaint with the police, after which her body was taken to the hospital for post mortem. Based on the complaint the police have arrested Susrutha’s husband Mohan Rao and his parents.

Madhusudan, who happens to be Susrutha’s uncle said, “her husband Mohan Rao and his family had harassed her for years now. They were harassing her for dowry even after the birth of 2 sons”.

Police official said, “girl’s family suspects that it is a case of murder. Her father Satyanarayana has filed a complaint with us. We have detained her husband and his family for further questioning”.

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