BCs protest as Justice Manjunadha holds public hearing on Kapus reservations

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: Hundreds of BCs led by R Krishnaiah and G Gangadhar held protest in the city on Monday as Justice K L Manjunadh chairman of the Commission looking into the Kapus demand for their inclusion in the BC list held public hearing. Minutes after Justice Manjunadh began receiving representations from Kapus and BCs inside the auditorium of the Siddhartha Arts College here, the BC leaders and activists gathered outside raising slogans opposing the inclusion of Kapus in the BCs list. They also demanded that the government withdraw the Manjunadh commission.

BC leaders Krishnaiah and Gangadhar leading the protests said that they would not allow the government to include the most developed and advanced Kapu community in the BC list. The leaders said that the BCs were far behind socially, politically, economically and educationally when compared with the Kapus. Krishnaiah said that the Kapus were placed in a far better position than the BCs in politics and economically too they were advanced. Keeping them on par with the BCs would harm the interests of the BCs who are deprived of the socio-political and economic development. He said that they would challenge the governmenta��s decision if it includes Kapus in the BCs list and extends the BC reservation.

Krishnaiah and others also gave a representation to the Justice Manjunadh commission opposing the inclusion of Kapus in the BCs list. The leaders demanded that the government withdraw the Manjunadh commission as it was creating fears among the BCs over their future and ripples between the Kapus and the BCs.

Meanwhile, the Kapu leaders who attended the public hearing in the auditorium sought to impress upon the commission about the backwardness of the community and the need to include them in the BC list.

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