BCCI asks England Cricket Board to bear team expenses

MUMBAI: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) secretary Ajay Shirke has requested the England Cricket Board (ECB) to bear the expenses of its team during Englanda��s upcoming tour of India.

Shirke said that the BCCI is not in a position to sign the MoU with the ECB now due to restrictions on execution of contracts imposed on the BCCI by a court order.

a�?Please make arrangements to remit such payments. The BCCI will inform you as and when further instructions are received by the BCCI from the Lodha Committee. I apologise on behalf of the BCCI for inconvenience that is being caused,” Shirke added.

The BCCI had contacted the Lodha committee seeking approval for the MoU, but directions regarding payments could only be given after the BCCI provided more information about the transactions involved.

It is understood that Shirke then sent the committee the unsigned MoU via email late on November 3 evening, but despite being asked for details the email did not contain what the Lodha Committee wanted.

On October 21, the Supreme Court had asked Shirke and Thakur to meet the Lodha Committee in two weeksa�� time and placed several restrictions on the boarda��s ability to enter into contracts.

The Lodha Committee then asked the BCCI for an undertaking from Thakur that the board would implement the Supreme Court order of October 21, a step that would indicate that the BCCI was willing to implement the recommendations of the Lodha Committee. As of November 3, Thakur had not given such an undertaking and he and Shirke had not met the committee either.

This obstinate attitude of the BCCI is putting the England series in jeopardy, according to a source close to the Lodha Committee.

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