Baahubali 2: ₹1,000 Plus Record Established In 9 Days Flat

Baahubali 2 has established a new record for Indian Cinema. It has collected a record amount in record time.

Hyderabad: Baahubali 2 and SS Rajamouli have done it. The mega film has established a new record for an Indian movie by collecting b₹1,000 crore in nine days flat.

Many suggested that the magnum opus from the ace director would rock the box office perhaps influence by the unprecedented pre-release publicity. Till now the record was in the name of Aamir Khan’s movies PK which grossed ₹710 crore.

The producers of Baahubali 2, Arka Media,  have released a poster to announce the milestone of collecting so much so fast. This is a record difficult to beat even if all the three Khans ( Aamir, Salman and  Shah Rukh)come together to star in one film.

7 May 2017 is the date that would the etched in the history of 105 year-old history of Indian cinema.  Baahubali has become a divider of history. From now on, the discussion on Indian or Telugu cinema would be on the lines of either before or after Baahubali.

So far the business in Telugu cinema was rotating around ₹ 50 crore or ₹70 crore. Cinema industry was aghast when it learnt of over ₹200 crore investment in a regional film.

The success of Baahubali is also due to the way the publicity was planned and executed without having to spend a rupee. The buzz made the media to lap up whatever was thrown at it by Team Rajamouli. Bits and pieces of juicy information regarding the production of the movie satiated the popular hunger which was  consciously created by the Team. This creative method was tried in The Beginning and perfected in The Conclusion.

The newspapers and TV channels, besides social media, competed with one another to publish or telecast the trending content for years. By the time the movies was finally released ten days ago, the publicity reached the zenith across the world. The first part had justified the expectations and the second one has established a new record. The question,”Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?” has engaged the people in thinking about the movie for well over two years. The Team did not allow people to forget the story.

The film in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages was released in 9000 theaters across the world. One film getting exhibited in all the cinema halls all over India is also a record. The film till Sunday grossed ₹800 crore in India and ₹200 crore abroad. By Saturday, Baahubali grossed more than 15.2 million dollars overseas.  Madam Tussaud wax museum in London has a new member in the shape of Prabhas. The book on Ramya Krishna’s role, “The Rise of Sivagami” has been the best seller in Amazon. The prestigious BBC channel has aired a special story on the mega film with Rajamouli’s comments. Anushka also spoke. BBC said the Indian film has broken all previous records and stood third in collections among all the films released including Bollywood movies.

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